Sam Barber, American Impressionist
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Yarmouth Shore Edward Carey House Nantucket Morning Haze Hyannit Port

Yarmouth Shore
44" x 36"


Edward Carey House Nantucket
48" x 48"


Morning Haze Hyannis Port
36" x 28"


Edward Carey House Sunset Nantucket Sunny Afternoon Nantucket

Edward Carey House
36" x 26"


Sunset Nantucket
32" x 26"


Sunny Afternoon Nantucket
34" x 26"


Nantucket Harbor Rooftops Nantucket By the Seaside

Nantucket Harbor
36" x 30"


Rooftops Nantucket
40" x 30"


By the Seaside
30" x 24"


Snow at Nantucket Harbor Sailing into the Sunset Chit Chat Nantucket

Snow at Nantucket Harbor
30" x 36"


Sailing into the Sunset
40" x 30"


Chit Chat Nantucket
48" x 40"


Nantucket Tide Sailing Beetle Cats Garden by the Sea
Nantucket Tide
40" x 30"
Sailing Beetle Cats
44" x 36"
Garden by the Sea
30" x 24"

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