Sam Barber, American Impressionist
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Sam Barber Studio of Fine Art
Address: 1112 Main Street Unit 2
Osterville, MA 02655
Phone: 508-648-8228

Words From The Artist

Being an artist allows me to communicate and express what I see in nature. It lets me absorb beauty and replay it on canvas.

Working with a kaleidoscope of colors is a way of expressing the changes that happen in life, both with nature and people. As an impressionist artist, my work tries to capture the visual and emotional spirit of the moment. All my life I have been very sensitive to the nuances of emotion and mood. Maybe it's because I am an Aries and left-handed in a right-handed world. Whatever the reason, I feel very fortunate to have this quality. This empathy has helped me to translate these feelings to my paintings.

In the end, my true rewards are seizing a moment of beauty from this incredibly complex and wonderful world, bringing that interval of joy to people, and seeing that emotional connection in their eyes.

-Sam Barber


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